Home Is - Chronicles of Narnia fanfiction

Title: Home Is
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Rating: G
Length: 970 words
Content notes: Written for amy_fortuna for the Every Woman 2016 exchange (June 2016).
Author notes: thanks to ysse_writes for betaing! :)
Summary: "Aravis had thought, as she carefully re-read her letters before sending them, that she had managed to keep her moments of homesickness well hidden."

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Bal Masqué - El Tiempo Entre Costuras fanfiction

Title: Bal Masqué
Fandom: El Tiempo Entre Costuras (TV)
Rating: G
Length: 2898 palabras / 2841 words
Content notes: Versiones en español e inglés. Para fan_flashworks. También para el casillero "AU: cuento de hadas o mito" de mi tarjeta de trope_bingo. / Spanish and English versions. For the "Ball" challenge at fan_flashworks. Also for the "AU: Fairy tale or Myth" square of my trope_bingo card.
Author notes: No soy de España, así que si notan americanismos (sobre todo en el diálogo), se agradecen correcciones! Lo mismo para la puntuación del diálogo, estoy demasiado acostumbrada al estilo inglés últimamente. / I'm not from Spain, so if you spot any Latin Americanisms (especially in dialogue), corrections are welcome! Same for the dialogue punctuation, I'm too used to the English style lately.
Summary: En un baile de máscaras, Félix conoce a un misterioso extraño. / At a masked ball, Felix meets a mysterious stranger.

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Warm Welcome - Chrestomanci Chronicles fanfiction

Title: Warm Welcome
Fandom: Chrestomanci Chronicles - Diana Wynne Jones
Rating: G
Length: 1010 words
Content notes: Set after "The Pinhoe Egg". For the 'suitcase' challenge at fan_flashworks.
Author notes: I'm not sure how well-known Millie's past is in their society, but given how the Pinhoes tried to stay out of the Castle's notice I imagine Marianne wouldn't know much for a fact.
Summary: "“Welcome to Chrestomanci Castle, Marianne!” Millie’s smile was so pleasant that Marianne felt a little of her nervousness vanish."
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Arithmetic - Chalet School fanfiction

Title: Arithmetic
Fandom: Chalet School series - E. M. Brent-Dyer
Rating: G
Length: 918 words
Content notes: set around the beginning of "The Chalet School Goes To It/At War".
Author notes: written for the 'numbers' challenge at fan_flashworks.
Summary: "Nell took the projections, but didn’t read them immediately. Instead, she looked at Hilda with her most innocent expression, the one Hilda had long ago learned to mistrust. “May I ask who did the maths?”"

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