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Aurora Australis

writing in the sky with fire...

27 August
Bio up to date as of November 2015.

I'm elen_nare, a 25-year-old girl from Argentina.
Elennare is also my fanfiction.net pen-name.

I'm an Astronomer! Currently doing a PhD (and yes, I know I'm insane, I've been told so repeatedly).

I love maths; reading, especially science-fiction and fantasy, but I'll read pretty much anything; writing (short stories, fanfic, poetry); listening to music, mostly soft rock and pop through to heavy metal, but I'm willing to give other styles a go; playing music ; swimming; board and card games; RPing; and spending far more time on the internet than I should.

Am I a geek/nerd/ñoña/synonym of your choice? Sure, and proud of it :P

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